Motto: Vi et veritate "By Force and by Truth"

Motto: Vi et Virtute "By Strength and by Valour"
Blazon of Arms: Argent a lion rampant qules crowned with an antique crown or. Translation: A standing red lion with a gold crown on a background of silver. The lion represents Generosity, Courage and a Foe to Fear - an old symbol of Scotland.
Crest: An eagle of sable, displayed proper.
Translation: A black eagle with wings outspread. The eagle denotes a Man of Action occupied with Affairs of State.
Blazon of Arms: Gules a sword in pale, point downards proper, pommel and hilt or, between two boars' heads couped at the neck of the third, on a chief ermine a lion passant of the first between two mascles sable.

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